Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday STEVE

Here is a card I made for my friend Steve. He won't get it on time, but it was fun to make. He plays in a band and at the time that I made this he was playing for Gorilla Jones, that is why there are monkeys and gorillas. It was made over a year ago and shows how green I was back then!!! haha. It was fun though. Hope you like it. Peace!!!

Monster Eyes

Halloween is my favorite holiday!!! I love to go to parties, I love the autumn sights and smells!! Caramel apples, popcorn balls, candy, costumes, falling leaves, all the colors!!! It is all my favorite stuff!! I had a lot of requests on the Cricut message board to post this with the recipe so here it is.
Here is the recipe for Monster Eyes
Ingredients: Wax Paper,
1 cup creamy peanut butter
2 tablespoons butter or margarine
2 cups powdered sugar
3 Tablespoons vegetable shortening
1 (21 oz) ButterFinger candy bar, finely chopped or crushed
2 cups white chocolate chips
1/4 cup M&M's or Reece Piecies
1 small tube red decorator icing
and a wooden pick or skewer for dipping.
Line 2 baking sheets with wax paper. Beat peanut butter & butter/margarine in a large mixer bowl until creamy. Beat in powdered sugar until mixture holds together and is moistened. Stir in Chopped butterfinger. Shape into 1" eyeballs. Place on prepared baking sheets. Freeze for 1 hour. Melt morsels and shortening in a large uncovered microwave safe bowl on medium high power for 1 1/2 minutes. Stir. If necessary, continue microwaving at 10-15 second intervals until melted and smooth. Remove one sheet of eyeballs and dip one eyeball at a time using a wood pick or skewer. Shake off extra chocolate and return to baking sheet. Gently press 1 M&M or Reece Pieces candy to make the pupil of the eye. Repeat procedure with all remaining eyeballs on sheet. Refrigerate until coating is set. Then do other tray. Before serving, pipe decorator icing around eyeballs to create bloodshot markings. Store in covered container in freezer. Best served cold.
These are so yummy. You can make them for christmas too with dark chocolate chips. and no eyeball markings!! haha. Thanks for looking and please leave comments if you can!!! Lottsa Love, MoJo

Friday, October 10, 2008

Been a while

Well, it has been a while. Where have I been, crafting of course. Because of health issues, and because I am addicted to swaps (thanks Rheannon) I will no longer be a part of the BBTB team as of the end of October. Although I really really love being a part of the team, I am hoping that Regina will let me back on someday when my life gets a little more manageable. David had his first real boo-boo. We took him to urgent care to see if he was going to need stitches in his chin. Luckily, he didn't. He is a real little trooper. The weather has been great. I have been chatting with an old friend in Ohio and trying to help him out a bit. He is such a great guy!!! I am so glad and honered to be his friend. and it is nice to have someone to talk to all the time. heehee. Don't worry, I am still madly in love with my husband and nothing about that is going to change. He knows about my friend and doesn't seem to mind that we are talking. I am thankful that he trusts me!!! I will be posting some artwork soon. Take care all!!! Peace, Love, & Happiness!!! MoJo